Chairman Ian Cochrane
Managing Director and  CEO Mark Norwell
Non-executive Director Terry Strapp
Non-executive Director Mark Hine
Non-executive Director Rob Cole
Non-executive Director Alex Atkins
Non-executive Director Keith Gordon

Executive Management

Chief Operating Officer - Australia Andrew Broad
Chief Operating Officer - Africa John Kavanagh
Chief Financial Officer Theresa Mlikota
Chief Executive Officer Barminco Paul Muller
Head of Integration Peter Bryant
Executive General Manager - Australian Mining Operations Roy Coates
Executive General Manager - Equipment Services & Supplies Donald James

Operational Divisions

General Manager - Exploration Steve Dann
General Manager - Drill & Blast John Geary
African Mining Services
General Manager Darren Wheadon
African Underground Mining Services
Chief Operating Officer Blair Sessions
Ausdrill Northwest
General Manager Wayne Bucknall
Chief Executive Officer Paul Muller
BTP Group
General Manager - Equipment Solutions Laurie Phillips
General Manager - Parts Operations Barry Crone
Drill Rigs Australia
General Manager Eddie Banner
Energy Drilling Australia
General Manager Gus Van Der Heide
Logistics Direct
General Manager Peter Gralla
General Manager - Business Development Gary Wheeler

Ausdrill Group Services

General Manager HSEQT Alec Barfield
General Manager Technical Services Wiebe Wilbers